Long Story Short

Musicianaire is an acoustic guitar and piano based singer-songwriter whose writing covers a wide range of genres including Rock, Folk, EZ Listening and Contemporary Classical. His taste in music and writing style is largely influenced by the music of the 60s–early 70s, Classic Country, and Classical music.

Short Story Long

The First Life

From the age of nine Musicianaire taught himself to play multiple instruments, performed all over North America as a solo act and with bands, and gained valuable experience in U.S. and Canadian recording studios.

His first band, The Establishment, was formed in 1978 with fourteen-year old Joe Scarborough (former U.S Congressman and current TV host of Morning Joe).

After a four-year run, Musicianaire left the band and headed for Nashville where he enjoyed some under-the-radar success as a perfomer and session musician in Nashville studios.
His solo career continued throughout the U.S. as a Folksinger in coffeehouses and on street corners for the next few years.

In 1986 he moved to Nova Scotia where he performed solo while seeking out other musicians to form another band. The Other Guys was formed in 1987, enjoying some moderate success in the region, but was ultimately short-lived.

In the Spring of 1988, Musicianaire put together a small home recording studio and recorded two original songs: Simple Life, which received much airplay on local radio for much of 1988, and All You Got Tonight, which was covered on an album by a local recording artist (Kenny Walsh).

In late 1989 he struck gold when he formed the very successful trio Mirage, featuring a female vocalist, which opened the doors for a much wider range of musical styles for audiences. For almost the entire 1990s, he was constantly on the road performing with the trio and as a solo act.

By 1996 the trio had become a duo, and they were featured on a radio program that showcased local talent. Four songs were recorded in Musicianaire's studio for this event:

  • Letter from Cape Breton (an original)
  • Rock & Roll Girls (a John Fogerty tune)
  • Down At the Twist & Shout (from Mary Chapin Carpenter)
  • The Power of Love (Jennifer Rush)

As fate would have it, health issues and burnout forced Musicianaire to retire from performing in 1997. Whenever he was asked when he would return, his answer was… "Never".

The Second Life

Eighteen years later, 'Never' arrived. Musicianaire returned to performing, but on his own terms and only as a solo act. His plan was to earn enough money from performing to fund the recording of an album - his first.
To his pleasant surprise, he actually enjoyed performing again, and didn't put much focus on recording until three years later. At that time he remixed a few old recordings, and made a few new recordings both in audio and video form, as a stepping stone toward making that first album.

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and live performances ceased, though he did score three gigs at the end of that year. To date, they remain the last time he appeared before an audience.

Pandemic Life

Currently, Musicianaire's focus is on recording, with intentions to perform when it is safe to do so.
To hear what he's done the past few years, go the Music page.


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